Can Rent Agreement Be Used as Address Proof for Driving License

Rent Agreement: An Acceptable Address Proof for Driving License or Not?

As per the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for all Indian citizens to possess a valid driving license to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. To obtain a driving license, one has to submit an address proof document along with other necessary documents. However, there is a common question among applicants- can a rent agreement be used as an acceptable address proof for a driving license? Let us dive into the details.

Firstly, let us understand what an address proof document means. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, an address proof document can be any of the following:

1. Ration card

2. Passport

3. Voter ID card

4. Aadhaar card or e-Aadhaar

5. Utility bills such as electricity, water or gas bill

6. House tax receipt

7. Property tax receipt

8. Bank statement or passbook

9. Pensioner card

10. Salary slip.

In the absence of the above-listed documents, a rent agreement signed by the landlord and tenant can also be considered as an acceptable address proof document for obtaining a driving license.

However, there are certain conditions to be met when submitting a rent agreement as address proof. Firstly, the rent agreement should be registered with the state government, and the tenant should present a copy of the same along with the application form. Also, the rent agreement must have a clear mention of both the landlord and the tenant`s complete address, including the house or flat number, street name, locality, city, and pin code.

It`s essential to note that the rent agreement should be current, and the address mentioned in it should be the same as the applicant`s present residential address. When submitting the rent agreement as address proof, the applicant should also furnish two passport-size photographs and other necessary documents.

In conclusion, a rent agreement can be used as an acceptable address proof document for obtaining a driving license, provided it is registered with the state government and meets all the criteria mentioned above. It is advisable to cross-check the requirement of address proof with their respective Regional Transport Office (RTO) to avoid any inconvenience in the application process.

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